global trade date

A global trade date - also known as global valuation date - is the
trade dateTâ‚€ that is assumed to apply to all pricing operations, except from those where it is overwriten by an explicitly supplied date.
By default, during an Excel session the global trade date is set to the operating system's current date, which normally equals today's date.
Deriscope may be configured though so that the global trade date is set to any desired date.
The primary way of this configuration is through the function
Set Default Trade Date, which in Excel may be called most conveniently through the date calendar element that appears at the Deriscope ribon element, as shown below:

Alternatively, the date calendar element located at the top left of the Deriscope taskpane may be used, as shown below:

The above two elements also display the global trade date that is currently in effect.