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The dsLiveGetAsync is a special spreadsheet function supplied by Deriscope that you may enter in any range in order to display the most recently asynchronously acquired Live Feeds
It assumes that a live feeds acquisition engine has already started through the Excel formula

It takes up to three arguments.

The first argument is a text code that specifies the live feeds provider.
Currently these
Live Feeds Providers are allowed.

The second argument is optionally used to specify a single ticker.
The provided ticker must be in the list of tickers referenced by the dsLiveStartEngine formula.

Generally each ticker input must conform to the actual ticker required by the live feed provider.
Nevertheless a
handle name of an Deriscope Object that holds internally a ticker may be used directly in lieu of a ticker input.
For example, a handle name of an object of
Deriscope Type Stock may be used in lieu of the respective stock ticker.
Similarly, a handle name of an object of type
FX may be used in lieu of the respective fx rate ticker.

The third argument is optional and supplies the particular properties - such as "price", associated with the given tickers that should be retrieved from the live feeds provider.
These properties are expected to be arranged horizontally in some row.
The third argument may be missing, in which case the property indicating the last traded price is assumed.