Type Selector

The Type Selector is the topmost row of the
Input Area, shown below marked in red at its default state.

It enables the user to browse through all the
Deriscope Types, which are accessible in a hierarchical fashion starting with the root type called Type
More precisely, if a type shown on the Type Selector happens to have one or more
direct subtypes, a little arrow will apppear to its right, as shown above with the type labelled Type
Clicking on
will display the available direct subtypes, as shown below:

The displayed list may be further restricted by selecting a filter through the
Type Viewing Filter shown to the left of the Type Selector

As the user hovers the mouse over the various direct subtypes listed in the dropdown, the corresponding descriptions appear in the
Info Area, as shown below:

The user can choose any one of the listed direct subtypes, for example the
Tradable, as shown below:

Information on the current state of the Type Selector is immediately displayed in the
Info Area as the user hovers with the mouse over it, as shown below

As soon as a type is selected, the
Object Selector will contain all existing compatible Deriscope Objects, while the Function Selector will contain all compatible Deriscope Functions
If the selected type is not
abstract, the Function Selector will automatically display the function Create and the Browse Area will be populated with the corresponding input Key-Value pairs
For example, below is the wizard's state when the type
IRS is selected: