StartLiveFeeds is a vba function that takes 3arguments and must be called as: StartLiveFeeds( provider , checkCurrentSheet , askForNewUpdateInterval )
It returns TRUE on success and FALSE on failure.
This function starts the live feeds engine of the indicated provider with its current automatic update settings.
It simulates the effect of clicking on the Light Bulb ribbon button of the respective provider when the latter appears as

It should normally run after the function
ConfigureLiveFeeds has already set the properties of the live feeds engine.
The first argument provider is a text code that identifies the provider and must be one from the list:
Live Feeds Providers
The second argument checkCurrentSheet is a boolean that is normally set to TRUE so that the location of the current spreadsheet formulas
dsGet and dsLive will be inspected prior to receiving the live feeds to ensure their proper display.
It can be set to FALSE if it is guarranteed that these formulas maintain a fixed location.
The third argument askForNewUpdateInterval is a boolean that detrmines whether a popup window appears asking the user to set the live feeds update frequency.