QuitWizard is a vba function that takes 2arguments and must be called as: QuitWizard( [saveConfig] , [requestedByUser] )
It returns TRUE on success and FALSE on failure.
This function shuts down the
It essentially simulates the effect of clicking on the Quit Wizard ribbon button

This action also makes the Excel session more stable as it forces Deriscope to ignore all user actions and Excel events such as spreadsheet cell selections and opening/closing of workbooks.
Note this does not affect the Deriscope spreadsheet formulas, which will still keep working as usual.
The first argument [saveConfig] is an optional boolean that - when TRUE - instructs Deriscope to also save any configuration settings associated with the about to be quited wizard.
The second argument [requestedByUser] is an optional boolean that - when TRUE - performs the shut down of the wizard exactly as if it had been explicitly asked by a mouse click on the Quit Wizard ribbon button.
The main effect of the latter is that the wizard will not be displayed when the next Excel session starts.
Both variables are assumed to equal TRUE, if not specified.