Live Chat

The Live Chat facility allows a Deriscope user to instantly send messages and even formulas to the Deriscope Support team right from within Excel by clicking on the special Live Chat ribbon button

The first time this is done, a small window - as the one below - appears with the photo of the support person who is currently online

For example, the user may need help with the unexpected output of some formula. A typical dialog could look like this:

As the screenshot shows, the user is advised to send the formula as a text file attachment, with the text file conveniently generated by clicking on the special button shown at the bottom right of the Live Chat window.
The suggested way has several advantages compared to the more traditional approach of sending over the whole spreadsheet and explained further in
How To Export An Excel Formula

Alternatively, the user may want to discuss about a more complex issue, in which case a private zoom meeting with screen sharing could be the most efficient approach: