Curve Values

Key _Curve Values in
Yield Curve refers to the values of the mathematical quantity specified in Modelled Qty that are produced through the process of curve construction.
The corresponding dates are reported at
_Curve Pegs
In effect, these values together with the corresponding dates and the interpolation assumption constitute the produced curve since they suffice to calculate the value corresponding to any other date.
Exceptionally, in the case of a fitted bond curve the reported values equal the parametric solution to the fitting problem.

Note this key is prefixed by _, which indicates it is regarded as a read-only part of the object's data and therefore its associated value cannot be edited.
For that reason it does not appear as part of the input data.
It carries informational only value for the user and appears as part of its contents.
Also it completely depends on the remaining object contents and therefore is never part of the exported object's data.