Key Issuer in
Yield Curve refers to an optional object of type Issuer that identifies the risk profile of the implied discount factors.

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If omitted, the
Riskless Issuer is assumed by default.
This entry, together with the
Currency, identify the Quotable part of the Valuation nature of the corresponding Yield Curve object.
All other entries - eg conventions and market rates - represent the remaining
Quotable Value part.

In practical terms, all Yield Curve objects in a pricing scenario must have unique pairs of Issuer and Currency
The pricing algorithm will ask - as an example - for a Yield Curve with a specific currency - eg USD - and a specific issuer - eg
Riskless Issuer -.
If there exist more than one Yield Curve objects with the requested currency and issuer, the pricing will fail due to ambiguity as to which curve should be used.