Fxd Rate

Key Fxd Rate in
Vanilla IRS refers to the predefined constant rate used in calculating each fixed leg cash flow amount.
It is used in the same fashion as the
Fxd Rates in FxdIbor Swap
Entering the special text value N/A, causes the referenced swap is considered to be at-the-money (or in/out-of-the-money if a non-zero shift is defined in
ATM Shift) and has the same affect as when Is ATM = true
Then, the rate displayed here as part of an existing object equals the atm rate (plus a potential shift) that applied during the most recent computation of this swap's price.

Note, if set equal to N/A, any explicit setting for
Is ATM is ignored and the swap is considered atm with a likely rate shift optionally specified by the entry ATM Shift