Contained Valuations

Key _Contained Valuations in
Market refers to the set of all distinct Valuation objects that are contained in the host object by the fact of being elements of some Market Set object.
This set is not empty only if the host object is of type
Market Set

For example, assume the host object is of type
Market Set that has been constructed as a collection of two elements, the first of which is an object of type Yield Curve and the second is of type Market Set again.
Further assume the latter Market Set object contains two elements, both of type
Vol Curve
Then the set here will contain three objects: One of type
Yield Curve and two of type Vol Curve

Note this key is prefixed by _, which indicates it is regarded as a read-only part of the object's data and therefore its associated value cannot be edited.
For that reason it does not appear as part of the input data.
It carries informational only value for the user and appears as part of its contents.
Also it completely depends on the remaining object contents and therefore is never part of the exported object's data.