Interp Method

Interp Method refers to List of possible types that describe the interpolation of a reference quantity v that depends on a single independent variable x.
Given a set of independent variable values x₁, x₂, ..., xₙ in increasing order, for which the respective reference quantity values v₁, v₂, ..., vₙ are known, each interpolation type prescribes how the reference quantity value v corresponding to some x is calculated, where x is within the range spanned by x₁, x₂, ..., xₙ.
Available Interp Method types:
Backwd Flat
Comp Cubic
Comp Linear
Convex Mono
Fin Cubic
Fin Log Cubic
Fwd Flat
Kruger Cubic
Kruger Log Cubic
Lagrange Cubic
Lagrange Log Cubic
Log Cubic
Log Linear
Log Mxd BwdFlat Cubic
Log Mxd FwdFlat Cubic
Log Mxd Lin Cubic
Log Quadratic
Mxd BwdFlat Cubic
Mxd FwdFlat Cubic
Mxd Lin Cubic
Nat Cubic
Nat Log Cubic