Inflation Option

Inflation Option is a
direct subtype of Option with functions Inflation Option Functions, keys Inflation Option keys and example object InfOpt that represents a zero striked european option Option where the underlying contract is a zero coupon Inflation Swap that matures at the same date as the option's excpiry.
Stated differently, the holder of a call Inflation Option on a receiver underlying inflation swap has the right to enter with a long position into that swap at the swap's maturity date.
In effect, the holder then has the right to choose at option's expiry (which is the same as the maturity of the underlying zero coupon inflation swap) whether or not to receive the swap's net terminal amount, as defined in
Zero Inflation Swap.
The option's position is overall long on inflation if it is a call option on a receiver underlying swap or a put option on a payer swap.

The pricing methodology is specified in
Model[Inflation Option]