Inflation Adjusted Rate Swap

The Inflation Adjusted Rate Swap is a financial contract where, at the end of each accrual period, one party - the inflation receiver - pays a non-inflation linked coupon, for example libor + spread and receives a payment Inf, based on a rate that is linked to a specific inflation index, from the other party - the inflation payer.
It corresponds to the
Deriscope Type Inflation Swap with the setting Swap Type = Adjusted Rate
Inf = NQ(t)rΔt
where N is the swap notional, r is a constant rate, Δt is the length of the accrual period expressed in number of years and
Q(t) = I(t-lag)/I(t₀) is a number quoted at time t as described in
Inflation Adjusted Cash Flow
In particular, t₀ is some fixed date referred as the base date, but all that is needed to be specified is the corresponding index base value I(t₀) through the key
Base Value