ImpYC Forc

ImpYC Forc is a
direct subtype of ImpYC with functions ImpYC Forc Functions, keys ImpYC Forc keys and example object ImpYCForc that represents the input data required to build a forecasting curve in a given currency that is implied by known market rates and a discounting curve in the same currency.

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Technically, the mentioned curve is created by feeding an object of this type as value next to the key
Market Data in the formula that creates the Yield Curve object.

The known discounting curve is usually considered to be "riskless" and is used to discount collateralized cash flows denominated in the respective currency.
It is typically an OIS curve, produced by market data represented through an object of type
Yield Curve Ois
The produced curve is needed to calculate the forward fixings of those interest rates that are encountered in the known market rates.
Then these forward fixings should be used in the calculation (forecasting) of future floating cash flows that are collateralized in an account represented by the known discounting curve.