How To Export An Excel Formula

The Deriscope's ribbon contains the Import/Export button
that displays the following menu items:

The most useful of these items is clearly the Export Formula, which creates and saves a text file by reading the formula of the selected cell.
It first presents the user with a dialog where one can choose the destination folder.
It works only when the selected cell contains a Deriscope formula.
Subsequently, the text file can be sent to another user as an attachment to an email or chat app, including the Excel-integrated
Live Chat
For the user's convenience, the Live Chat window also contains a button that mimics the action of the Export Formula menu item.
The recipient user may then regenerate the original formula with all its dependencies in Excel through the Import Formula menu item.
For example, if the text file is sent to a Deriscope Support team member, the latter will be able to reproduce the formula with all its depndencies within seconds of receiving the text file.

The big advantage of sending such a text file over sending the whole spreadsheet is that any spreadsheet data not directly involved in the referenced formula are not part of the dispatched package.
The receiving side will see neither the original spreadsheet's structure nor any other unrelated data and formulas.

Another advantage is that the text file carries no depndencies on 3rd party software. This is a big plus for the case when the receiving side lacks that software.
For example, the sender may use Bloomberg formulas to generate the market rates that enter as input to the formula, but the recipient may not.
In such a case, sending the whole spreadsheet would be problematic as it would generate unresolved erros on the recipient's Excel session.

A similar advantage concerns the existence of links to external workbooks. In that case, the traditional dispatch would have to include all the linked workbooks, while the text file carries no external dependencies.

If the selected cell happens to contain a cell note, that note becomes also part of the generated text file in a way that it is reproduced as a cell note on the Excel session of the receiving side.
Having such a note that describes the issue is perhaps a nice and compact way of sending a single text file that includes not only the formula, but also a textual description of the respective issue.