HideWizard is a vba function that takes 0 arguments
It returns TRUE on success and FALSE on failure.
This function hides the
Wizard by simulating the effect caused by a mouse click on the three dots shown at the left vertical border of the Deriscope taskpane.
Currently, Deriscope is so implemented that hiding the taskpane results to shuting down the wizard and therefore this function is practically equivalent to the function
But, there is no guarantee that this will be the case in the future as well.
If your purpose is to shut down the wizard, you are thus advised to use the
QuitWizard instead.

This VBA function exhibits a not-yet-resolved bug when the wizard is initially shown.
The wizard gets eventually removed (due to it being hidden) but an error is still issued.
This is most likely due to Deriscope's current policy for removing the wizard as soon as it is hidden.