CheckLiveFeedsCredentials is a vba function that takes 2arguments and must be called as: CheckLiveFeedsCredentials( credentialsSuppliedIfNeeded , provider )
It returns TRUE on success and FALSE on failure.
This function checks if credentials are needed by the specified provider and - if needed - presents a dialog and asks the user to enter the required credentials.
The first argument credentialsSuppliedIfNeeded is effectively returned by this function.
It must be supplied as a variable of type Boolean in order to be set by the function to either FALSE or TRUE
FALSE is set when a credentials dialog is indeed presented to the user and the user fails to enter non-empty credentials into that dialog.
TRUE is set in all other occations, i.e. when either no credentials dialog is presented to the user or such a dialog is presented but non-empty credentials are supplied by the user.
Note that the validity of the credentials is not checked.
The second argument provider is a text code that identifies the provider and must be one from the list:
Live Feeds Providers