Calendar is a
direct subtype of Date Group with functions Calendar Functions, direct subtypes Calendar subtypes, keys Calendar keys and example object No that represents the set of all dates that are regarded as non-business days.
Enter "No" or "WkEnd" when respectively all days or Monday through Friday are business days.
Certain Calendar objects can be
trivial objects and as such are automatically generated from appropriately formatted text prefixed with the symbol %
For example, the simple text %US represents a Calendar object that corresponds to the US calendar.

All available calendar codes are listed in

Due to the fact that the type
Joint Calendar is a direct subtype of Calendar, it is possible to treat a Joint Calendar object as if it were a Calendar object.
You may look in the description of the Joint Calendar type for details on how to specify it using simple text.

It is also possible to explicitly create a custom Calendar object with a specified array of holidays as well as selected week days designated as non-business days.