Deriscope is a private venture founded as a sole proprietorship in Germany in 2009 by Ioannis Rigopoulos, who started his career as a Particle Physicist in the US, subsequently held senior positions as a quant and quant developer with major investment banks around the world and now works as a consultant on projects related to derivatives valuation and risk management.

Deriscope's main offering is an Excel-bound, locally installed application that provides valuation services with state-of-the-art precision and speed for a range of financial derivatives depicted as a hierarchical tree below:

Deriscope is not in the business of providing market data. Users are expected to obtain market data from other sources - like Bloomberg - and subsequently use Deriscope for the purpose of building the implied curves and then use these curves to calculate the value and risk of their financial derivatives holdings. This very important curve building capability is described at the Curve Building page.

The most powerful of all Deriscope functions exported to Excel is the Price Function that can be run on all types of financial instruments. As described in the shown link, this function can process several input parameters - referred as keys - listed in Price Function Keys that allow the fulfillment of almost every imaginable valuation task.

While Deriscope's deep integration with Excel is undoubtedly its most salient feature, all analytics can be also run without Excel and linked to the client's IT systems by means of XML formatted data streams, as descibed at the Technology page.

The application relies crucially on the continuous development of the QuantLib open source software library by a dedicated team of quants since the year 2000. Mr Rigopoulos' contribution has been in putting the pieces together towards a consumer-oriented end product that can be immediately deployed without the need of software - or even financial derivatives - expertise.

Deriscope is in production since 2019 and currently subscribed by several companies - a few of which can be seen at the Clients section of the HOME page - and used daily for trading bonds, inflation bonds, interest rate swaps, cross currency swaps. It is also used by consultancy and accountancy firms in projects dealing with portfolio valuation, PV reconciliation and Libor transition.

Using Deriscope requires no special contract. A special activation code that provides access to a chosen number of users within the company is automatically sent to the client's email address after a subscription has been purchased through the pricing page from FastSpring, a third party company that acts as a Deriscope license's reseller.

The intuitive Excel user interface enables most users to customize their spreadsheets without the need of external support. The Quick Guide may be used for a swift introduction to the most important features, while a thorough and complete documentation is available online and a Live Chat facility may be optionally accessed from within Excel through the ribbon button that allows for a seamless communication between users and Deriscope support. The documentation also includes links to videos, spreadsheets and blog articles that explain in utmost detail several typical tasks.

Companies that lack the resources necessary to build and maintain the desired solutions may outsource these tasks to Deriscope either for free or in exchange of an agreed additional fee, depending on the tasks' complexity and the license type.

Deriscope can be easily tested for free with detailed instructions available at Setup of a Free Trial Version.

Schematically, the deployment looks like:


Step 1:
Visit the Free Download Page to download the windows installer file of the latest version.
No registration required!


Step 2:
Run the installer file to install Deriscope on your local device.


Step 3:
Start Excel and notice the new ribbon Deriscope element.
You will be able to use all Deriscope features for a free 2-week trial period.


Step 4:
Visit the Pricing Page to purchase your desired license if you want to keep using Deriscope beyond the trial period.