System Integration

The fact that Deriscope calculations are often launched from Excel-bound formulas does not mean that the same calculations cannot also run in the absence of Excel. In fact, all input and output primitives, such as definitions of financial instruments, market data, models and output structures, are implemented in pure C++ code that bears no dependence on the interface medium employed in the exchange of these primitives. The Deriscope Excel Add-in is only an optional binary available to those users who wish to run Deriscope analytics through Excel. But the exact same analytics can also run without Excel by means of a different executable binary that expects all input in the form of text files and produces all output in the form of a text file as well. All text files must abide to a certain XML format that defines the processed objects.

Deriscope has facilities in place that translate the XML-formatted text files to Excel-bound objects and vice versa. These facilities are referred as Exporting and Importing and can be accessed through the Excel ribbon button . With the use of this button, every Excel Deriscope formula ds(...) or Deriscope Object can be converted to a text file, which can subsequently be fed to a non-Excel application, since most applications can accept and process text files. For example, an Email or Chat application can accept a text file as part of a message and send it along with the message to the intended recipient, who may then use the Excel ribbon button to do the inverse translation and convert the received text file to an Excel-bound object that will be part of the recipient's Excel session.

Provided the necessary translation routines have been coded once, any IT system should be able to translate between the XML-formatted text files and the corresponding objects that the IT system understands. This way, all Deriscope analytics will be seamlessly integrated with the given IT system, whereby the calculations will be kicked off directly from the IT system by calling the non-Excel Deriscope executable and passing the XML-formatted text files as needed.

A detailed exposition of an actual non-Excel pricing of a portfolio of FX options is available at the blog article Almost Corporate-Ready Unlimited-Currency FX Option Portfolio Pricing with and without Excel.

If your organization is interested in using Deriscope in a non-Excel environment, you need to contact Deriscope Support. You are advised though to thoroughly test your pricing routines in Excel before trying to setup Excel-free procedures, as it is much easier to spot bugs and carry out all required fine tuning in Excel than in any other IT environment.