Yield Curve

Yield Curve is a
direct subtype of Valuation with functions Yield Curve Functions, keys Yield Curve keys and example object USDCrv that represents what practitioners call a "yield curve", which in turn refers to the market available information about discount factors for all maturities.

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The yield curve is almost always a prerequisite to derivatives pricing.
Its purpose is to provide the market-implied
discount factor for any requested maturity.

The input market rates must be supplied as objects of type
Yield Curve Input as input to the key Market Data
Note, there exist too many different variations of Yield Curve objects that can be created by using different combinations and types of such objects.
For example, when swap rates alone are used as input, the produced Yield Curve object would typically look like
Yield Curve Swaps

The extraction of discount factors is not uniquely determined by the market inputs.
The discount factor is built for all possible times according to
Build Method so that a certain mathematical quantity defined in Modelled Qty is interpolated according to Interp Method

In simple pricing contexts, a single Yield Curve suffices for providing the required discount factors.
But in the presence of several currencies and floating rate indices, several curves may be needed that are distinguished from each other by their entries in the keys
Currency and Issuer
Deriscope will issue an error, if, in any pricing context, two curves are supplied that agree in both these two important keys because of the ensuing ambiguity in choosing one of these curves.

Every constructed Yield Curve object contains three important read-only elements corresponding to the following keys:
_Cash Flows
_Curve Pegs
_Curve Values